Magnetic Pulse Detonation Wave Engine

Magnetic Pulse Detonation Wave Engine  

World's most efficient motor with natural magnetic bearing rotor and highest power to weight ratio
Status: Motors ordered direct to specifications or can be licensed for manufacturing.


          - operating speed 12500 RPM without any axles and cold to touch during 30 minutes of continuous operation
          - no axles = unlimited speed limit (until rotor is destroyed), new types of flying machines possible
          - no axles = no worn bearings to service in applications such as AC units
          - world's highest power to weight ratio motor for world's best space and aerospace applications
          - fitting of axles adjusts noise and vibrations to that of standard motors, but motor still retains highest power to weight ratio in the world for electric motor
          - perfect for green electric vehicles and companies that want to wind their own motors as this motor does not require stamped metal parts
          - perfect for hoverboards - Back To the Future Part II - Marty McFly had one! The bearing free magnetic pulse detonation wave engine has more than enough power to weight ratio to build a working device.
            - Design Update - a prototype is being worked on NOW!

Why Magnetic Pulse Detonation Wave Engine?

Unlike a traditional electric motor, this motor requires pulses of energy to be sent to the coil at fastest
possible rate ('detonation' like rate) and then the energy between the coils are managed in a wave like
manner to get optimal performance. Normal motors can't handle high energy spikes, it gets wasted in
eddy currents.

The Magnetic Pulse Detonation Wave Engine is so powerful its rotor core floats in mid air with no axles in its own natural
magnetic bottle. It can be operated at any angle without the rotor core touching the sides of the motor.
When run for 30 minutes, under no load and 12,500 RPM, the motor is cold to the touch because it has no friction
surfaces to generate heat. The motor has no metal parts other than the copper wire. The body and containers are plastic
allowing larger motors to be mass manufactured using common injection molding methods to replace
heavy soft iron designs

The light weight designs are good for toy aeroplanes, toy helicopters, space applications, space rover robotics and for
systems which require large numbers of motors which are not practical today because of weight issues.

How to use the no axle feature

Air conditioning equipment, pumps and vacuum cleaners are applications where the
rotor can be designed to fly in mid air with contra rotating blades that balances out
the push and pull effects of flow. The bearings for such applications can be made to touch
the body of the rotor only under conditions of imbalance and when stopping the motor.

The benefits of no axle motor

At all operational speeds, the rotor is free spinning and wastes practically no energy because

it is not rubbing against bearings and heating them up.
That results in long service life for equipment such as air conditioning.
A modest improvement in efficiency translates to massive cost savings in electricity use.

How to use Magnetic Pulse Detonation Wave Engine as a giro

The core of the magnetic pulse detonation wave engine flies in thin air. In effect it is a giro and completely

isolated from the body that it is flying in. So any movement of the motor body is compensated for by
increased current being drawn through the coils as system tries resists the rotor leaving its natural
magnetic bottle. This giro works equally well in space to stabilize satellites without having to
use sapphire ball bearings.

The giro can be made potentially less than 3mm in size - small enough to fit 3 giros into the tip of a pen.
The technology relies on precision watch making tools and methods.

The benefits of using Magnetic Pulse Detonation Wave Engine as a giro

No mechanical parts such as sapphire ball bearings to wear out even after decades of use.

How to use the Magnetic Pulse Detonation Wave Engine's rotor as a kinetic energy storage device

Spinning the rotor of the magnetic pulse detonation wave engine stores energy
in the rotor. Since there is no bearing, there is no speed limit to how fast the
rotor can be spun up to in its natural magnetic bottle (until the rotor flies apart).

The benefits of using Magnetic Pulse Detonation Wave Engine's rotor as a kinetic energy storage device

Since the magnetic bottle is natural, there is no need for active electronics

to stabilize the rotor that stores the kinetic energy.

How to use unlimited speed potential of a magnetic pulse detonation wave engine for research

Put cavities inside the rotor to hold liquids, gases and solids in non-metallic vials and

then spin the rotor as fast as it will go. Add extra cooling to the coils to pump even more
power into the rotor. The rotor floats in free air and tolerates small amounts of rotor
imbalance. Evacuating the motor will make it spin even faster. Spin it as fast as it will go
behind bullet proof environment until the rotor shatters. An expensive diamond or
less expensive saphire rotor is about the most hardest non-metallic material available commercially
for these experiments. At extreme rotational speeds ceramics for example are known to
suddenly become magnetic and radioactive materials become more radioactive.
Extreme g forces separate isotopic compositions. Molecular sieves separate chemicals
without chemical reactions.

The benefits of unlimited speed

New research break throughs are driven by advances in technology such as the magnetic

pulse detonation wave engine. Specify your research motors and find out where the next generation
motor takes your research.

How to use the edge of Magnetic Pulse Detonation Wave Engine in commercial applications

The Magnetic Pulse Detonation Wave Engine's main benefit is with high performance

electrical motors such as robotics, e-vehicles, aircraft, hand wound specialist motors,
larger mass produced ultra high reliability motors such as AC fans, where performance, light weight,
high power and high power to weight ratio demand best quality. These motors can be ordered
direct to any agreed specifications or they can be licensed for manufacturing.

Contacting Us

technology is nearly ready to go with prototypes already working.

New prototypes are under way with tooling also being designed for the coil winding machines.

If you would like a manufacturing license send a proposal.

If you would like to get low volume and batch production quantities built, then it can be
produced through hand wound coils and hand assembled motors if the value of the order exceeds 30,000.

We can also quote for hand made samples providing there is prospect of some orders beyond that.




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